A Christmas Restoration Project in the Making

I recently decided to take on a Christmas project for our two-and-a-half-year-old after a visit to my grandparents home in Adairville, KY.    After my grandfather’s death in 2006, and more recently my grandmother’s admittance to a nursing home,  our family has been going through the process, more like a mission, of going through the home.  For the grandchildren in my generation, it is like a treasure hunt.   On a recent trip, I decided to embark on an area that I had not been since I was eight or nine years old, the basement.   After trying to figure out my Granddad’s system to his madness of lights, I began looking for two childhood memories.

     According to some pictures I had seen and some faint memories of when I was a toddler, there was a tricycle and also a little red fire engine that you could peddle.   The fire truck was easy to spot but after a little digging in the old coal heap, I saw a handle.  The handle was, in fact, a tricycle and one that I had rode on when I was a toddler 30 years ago.   Excited about the find, I raised up my 6 foot 3 inch body inside a ceiling that is 6 feet.   Yes, I now have a scar.   Despite my injury, I still found my project for Christmas 2010. 

     I don’t know if you have watched the show American Restoration, but the show is dedicated to restoring items back to their original glory.    Well, this show inspires me and I always enjoy a great project that allows me to use my hands and to see a finished project.    This tricycle will probably be a great start to test my restoration skills.   It is small, doesn’t have an engine, and to my amazement, I found the parts I needed already on the web. 

    As I started my plan of attack for this project, I realized that there were going to be two major parts to this restoration, the first would be making sure that I get all the rust and old paint and old broken parts off.  Secondly, I would need to put a new coat of paint on the tricycle along with any other parts that needed to be replaced.   I was able to find a picture of the 1930s tricycle which will give me a template to work with.   This helped me narrow my search for tires, pedals, and handles that will need to be replaced.   Despite finding all this, there is still going to be some elbow grease needed and some help from a couple of church members to finish this project by December 25.

     This Christmas project is not too distant from the project that God has with me and those that He calls His own.   Think about it!  We know that God’s desire is to make us more like his Son, Jesus Christ, who was perfect and fulfilled every desire that God had intended for man.  Because of Christ,  there is a template that God constantly is working to bring us near to.  Now we are, in no way, going to ever be Jesus the God/Man, but Christ is the example for all of us as humans.    Now many us try to restore ourselves, by putting on new coats of paint first, but you know, as well as I do, rust is not fixed with a coat of paint, and neither is sin covered by trying to make it look good.   We are in need of someone to restore us.    Simply said, we need someone to take off all our rust, and old parts that don’t work, and then secondly put a new coat of paint and parts that are part of the original design.   My Christmas project will hopefully be finished in a few weeks, but we have to realize that our process that we call sanctification will take a lifetime.   Unlike this little red tricycle, we humans fight and claw not to be restored, but because of His mercy and grace He chooses to fight for our progress to continue.  

     So what do we take from this?   First we must realize that we are a process in the making.   “If we confess Him, He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all our unrighteousness”(I John 1:9).   Secondly, we have to remember that those around us are either projects in the making or someone who is waiting in the coal heap waiting to be introduced to the Restorer.     This Christmas season may we submit to His work in us, be patient with other in the same process, and reach out to those who need the steadfast love of the One who sent His only Son over 2000 years ago, so that we might know our Maker and Restorer.

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I Know..”It’s About Time”

Some things just amaze me.

As I was talking to Blake this past week, I was reminded that I have not touched this blog in over a year.     I can’t say why, except for the fact that I know now that you will be enthralled by the videos and pictures that I have compiled of our family over the last year.  In the last few months Chanda and I have been moved to tears over our child’s ability to bring comic relief to any situation.   So enjoy the videos and picts of ’09 and ’10.

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Easter 2009

Here are a few pics from Easter Sunday.  We had a wonderful day celebrating our Risen Savior!

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Leah turns 1 – Philip turns 33

Leah’s 1 st birthday was March 21 – Philip’s birthday was March 22.  We had a party to celebrate both birthdays on Sunday, March 22.  It was SO much fun.  We invited all of our friends that have graciously babysat Leah for us at some point – plus a few others others.  Leah LOVED her strawberry cupcake – (check out the video in the lastest video section).  They showered her with lots of gifts – Philip got a few too! 🙂

We can’t believer out sweet girl has turned 1 – this has been a year of change and so much joy!  We thank the Lord that He blessed us with this treasure and pray that He will draw her to Himself early in her life!  Enjoy the pics!


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Trip to SC

Leah and I recently took a trip to SC to visit my parents for a few days.  This was my first time flying alone with Leah – she did GREAT!   However…I won’t be making too many trips alone in the future – very stressful!  We had a wonderful time with my parents – driving in the country, beautiful weather, shopping, GOOD FOOD, and fun with my old church friends & family!!  Leah loved Nana and Papa’s house and they certainly loved her being there!  We look forward to another visit with my whole family in August. (including Chad, Tracy, and their little girl!)  Until then…here are some pics from the trip.

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Almost One Year


It has been 11 months since we entered the hospital in anticipation of Leah Mae’s arrival. We sit here together as a family enjoying “goldfish” as our morning snack. Not that I set them out for me or Chanda but that our daughter is now feeding us! She wants to share her slimy and sometimes “half-eaten” food with whomever will take her up on her offer. She is sweet like her mama, but plays like her daddy. It is not uncommon for her to chase daddy around the house looking for him to jump out and scare her. This has proved to be a problem in nursery as she does the same to her classmates.

Leah is a speed demon on her hands and knees. She has discovered every corner of the house. Click on latest videos to see our child discovering a new part of her own room. We have also had to add stoppers on the cabinet doors to keep her safe. She doesn’t really like to walk, but will pull up and cruise around any object to acquire a toy or our computers.

She is a sweet baby and we cannot imagine life without her. (well we could imagine silent days in our home and sleeping in)

Philip and Chanda

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Office Floods

Last week, I had the opportunity to watch firemen sweep two inches of water out of our offices back door as I pulled up to church. Yes. That is how I found out that a sprinkler pipe in our office are had busted right after the workday. We currently are set up with temporary offices in the rooms directly above our offices. With the folding table and computers we look like we could do taxes or sign you up for your spring semester of college. I have the benefit of having one of the laptops and can make my office in any room that is quiet. That has actually been a problem. I have also been frequenting the local coffee shops for my meetings and to study. It looks at this point that we are looking at the end of February before we get back to any normalcy for the staff offices. Below is a video from a few hours after the incident.

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